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The latest news from
Malimba School & Conservation South Luangwa
February 2021

Dear Make Me Smile Supporters

It is hard to believe that we are mid-way through February already, we hope this update finds you safe and well.

We are delighted to share an update from our new headmistress at Malimba

Headmistress Ezeliya Martha Phiri









A message from Headmistress Ezeliya Martha Phiri

Dear Supporters,

We have started the year on a very positive note despite our opening being delayed due to Covid-19 cases.

We were supposed to open on 18th January but this was re scheduled to 1st February 2021.

It was a very exciting day both to teachers and learners.

We held our first staff meeting on the same day, where we drew up plans for the whole year. During this time the Learners were kept busy cleaning the surroundings with lessons in the later hours of the day for all the school up to grade six, they have three learning hours while grade sevens where allocated longer time to prepare them for the final examinations!

The new Malimba “Green” school uniform

Teachers have been taught to follow Covid-19 health guidelines. Learners are also able to follow these health guidelines to avoid contracting this deadly virus. 

Coming to our motto, ” Keeping Malimba Green”, learners have continued to plant trees and maintain their lawns. This has come to stay and learners enjoy that! We even changed the uniform from Blue to Green see our photos!

I thank you all for your assistance and more especially Tribal Textiles who has encouraged us to work extremely hard for the betterment of the learners at large! Thanks to Kirstie for the provision of teaching and learning materials as well as Covid-19 materials

” Keeping Malimba Green”









Best wishes to you all from Ezeliya


Some News from CSL – Conservation South Luangwa



Aerial surveillance

The sheer size of South Luangwa National Park poses a great difficulty in understanding the scale of the problem on the ground. Despite continuous anti-poaching foot patrols who collect vital data whilst on patrol, much is often left out or not observed. Regular aerial surveillance of the park allows management to collect valuable data including carcass locations, drying racks, water sources at different times of year, fires, deforestation and much more.

CSL-the view from the top

Aerial surveillance is also important for anti-poaching operations and can be used to pin point poachers from the air, prevent them from escaping and directing ground patrols to them. In terms of research monitoring, aerial support is regularly used by the Zambian Carnivore Program to locate collared animals in their study area.

An aerial surveillance patrol takes-off from Mfuwe airport










Hoping this message finds you safe and well and making it through these challenging times.

Jacqui & the Team at Make Me Smile