We are a small charity that supports community and conservation projects in South Luangwa, Zambia

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Christmas 2022

Dear Make Me Smile Supporters

We wanted to send you wishes for all a joyful and peaceful Christmas and wishing you Health and Happiness in 2023.

We can also share a little update from both of our programmes; Malimba School and Conservation South Luwanga.

Thank you for your continued support. As always regular donations, however small, really help us to provide more reliable funding, please visit our website for more information


We are glad to mention that, we received four (4) new deployed teachers.
This has made our workload easy, as each class has a grade teacher unlike before where some teachers handled double classes; morning and afternoon. Our school has grown in terms of student’s enrolment. We had eight classes, now we have 11. Great 1, two classes, Grade 2, two classes, Grade 3, two classes the rest; ECE, 4, 5, 6 and 7, one class each.

One volunteer was assigned to work from the library. We have learners who are still struggling with reading. This member of staff takes care of such children. One hour each class is assigned to go to library after regular sessions.

Malimba Community School keeps on shining! We participated in National Literacy and Numeracy examinations for Grade 1 and 4, our school recorded a hundred percent pass.Thumps up to Racheal and Philip who handled those Grades well!

Brick moulding took place though our target was not made. We are waiting for well-wishers to come on board for us to construct a 1× 3 classroom block. We renovated one Teacher’s house which was in a deplorable manner. We have started constructing a Teacher’s toilet. Wiring of all the blocks has not started yet due to lack of funds.

The Production Unit has come up with a work plan to start chicken rearing. We are yet to fulfil their dream when funds will be available.

Our ree planting project has continued. We received some plants from one of the local churches who heard that we love going green!

Ezeliya Martha Phiri

Left: Students on the last day of term
Top Right: Sanitary products donation Bottom Right:Tree DonationUnit



New anti-poaching team formed
For the past few months, the DNPW-CSL Quick Reaction Force (QRF) team have been undergoing intensive refresher training and an expansion of the team under the guidance from the Frontier Collective team. Alongside expanding and up skilling the current team, a new unit – known as the Target Team – has also been formed. This new team comprises members from the DNPW Intelligence and Investigations Unit (IIU), QRF, and CSL K9 Detection Dog teams.

The Target Team will work specifically to apprehend suspects before wildlife crimes are made, and wildlife is killed illegally. Their training has focussed on cultivating an atmosphere of joint learning, expanding the ‘working norms’ of both IIU officers and QRF members, and developing a joint understanding of key concepts such as operational risks, operating procedures, detailed operational planning and tactics to increase the success of their missions.

There has been a string of recent missions that have already showcased the benefit of this new combined force, and CSL will continue to support specialist mentoring for both the QRF and the Target Team.

A huge thanks to the Frontier Collective team for their hard work, and to INL for funding this training.