We are a small charity that supports community and conservation projects in South Luangwa, Zambia

Bringing a smile to Zambia


Make Me Smile was founded by the friends and family of Jojo Harris, to ensure her dream of making a difference in education and conservation in the poorest of places, in the hardest of times

Our aim is to improve standards of learning for local children and to create an awareness of animal welfare and conservation to help preserve the environment they live in.

Malimba School

Situated in Mfuwe, a small rural village on the edge of South Luangwa National Park.
Before Malimba School was founded in there were no schools in this area, children had to walk an average of 6km a day to attend classes and often there were no places for them.

Now the school has more than 400 students, this has been a joint effort with involvement of Tribal Textiles, Gid and Adrian Carr and the generosity of sponsors and donors. Make Me Smile have assisted in raising monies over the past 10 years, providing funding for teacher training, a new dining hall, library and various other projects to help establish a centre of learning to be proud of. We continue to provide support to help develop the school even further.


Tourists visit the area to see the array of wildlife in South Luangwa National Park and this forms an integral part of the local economy. However poaching and conflict between local residents and wildlife is a continual problem. Conservation South Luangwa works to support people in managing their relationship with wildlife and help to prevent crop destruction and direct contact. In addition they carry out anti poaching patrols and immobilise and treat snared animals, with many success stories. Rachel McRobb has lead this organisation from it’s small beginnings, steering it’s growth and development. Make Me Smile is proud to support their work and help to publicise what a vital role they play in South Luangwa.